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 Cod 2 Mapping Software

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Here are the Win7 missing dll files to
make Radiant Asset Manager Work

Game Controller Software
(will make game controllers work with Cod 2)
Freeware Version 5.3

Click Controller to download software by: Xpadder
Run in XP Compatibity mode / Service Pack 3 for Win7
Using Xpadder, Windows 7, Windows Vista or XP won't cause
you any more problems when it comes to controlling a videogame.
You will be able to use your normal gamepad that you are so used to
using with other games and that guarantees the best control in all situations.

If you want the latest version for Win7 it costs $9.99 USD, go to:

 Call of Duty II Patches

M1 Gernade Launcher

Call of Duty II Tag Color Tools

CoD, UO, CoD2 The color codes are:
^1 = red
^2 = green
^3 = yellow
^4 = blue
^5 = light blue
^6 = purple
^7 = white
^8 is a color that changes depending what level you are on.
American maps = Dark Green
Russian maps = Dark red/marroon
British maps = Dark Blue
^9 = grey
^0 = black
(You must type two ^^0 to type in black, not one carrot)


Mac Recon Tool
OSX, SnowLepard, Lion

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Software By iClanASC

Punkbuster Files for Windows OS
Newest Win O.S. PB Files
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Software By Even Balance, Inc

Punkbuster Files for Mac OS
 Newest Mac OS PB Files
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(files are located in library folder, then in main folder open pb folder delete files...
... then drag in new ones downloaded)

Software By Even Balance, Inc

Free Wolfenstein Enemy Territory
Game Software / Patches